Frank’s Country Rustic Getaway




Property One:

$1700 - $1850 a week

Property Two:

$1400 - $1600 a week

Contact Information


(818) 515-7315


Dear Vacationers,

I have been the sole owner operator of Frank's Country Rustic Getaways for over ten years. My clients have been from countries all over the globe. Since the houses are based in the entertainment capitol of the world close to the studios I also do a lot of business with actors, writers, producers and production companies when they are filming their projects in LA and want a cozy alternative to a hotel. (I myself am a writer/actor by trade.)

I have worked very hard to make the houses charming, upscale and extremely comfortable. Unlike other people who rent their houses out for the summer, I run this vacation business for a living to ensure that you have everything you need. I have rented to over thousands of people and have a 99.8% satisfaction rate with repeat clients every year.
Enjoy your stay!

Kind Regards,